Prospective Tenants

Basic Requirements
  • We are an apartment building for independent seniors, aged 65+
  • Tenants must be in receipt of government benefits (for example, CPP, OAS)

There are income and asset qualifiers. For example, to qualify for RGI (Rent Geared to Income) units, income must be lower than $43,000 annually, and assets cannot exceed $75,000. To qualify for LEM (Low End Market) units, limits are slightly higher. For more details, contact our office.

As a landlord, ACF (Annswell Court Foundation), will complete financial and background checks of prospective tenants. Criminal code convictions or previous evictions will forfeit any applications, as will debt owed to other landlords including Social Housing Providers. Misrepresentation of application information will be treated as fraud and will result in a forfeited application. Should fraud be detected at a later date, rents will revert to full market rate of approximately $2200-$2600 per month.

RGI (Rent Geared to Income) tenants also (a) have residency requirements related to length of absences and only those on the lease may stay there and (b) are required to re-apply annually for subsidies.

What you can expect when you apply

Those interested in moving to Annswell Court must complete an application form. Applicants will be contacted by an Annswell Court representative to review the application. After the application is reviewed, it will be added to our waiting list. When units become available, an applicant is notified, paperwork is updated and examined, and results are subject to review by the admissions committee.