Annswell Court Foundation

Mission Statement

As a responsive landlord we provide independent seniors in need with safe, affordable, well-maintained housing in an attractive environment.


Beginning in 1975, the community at large, including members of Thornhill United Church, Thornhill Lions Club, and Thornhill Seniors Adults, recognized a need for seniors’ affordable housing in our neighbourhood. Over the next 10 years, a dedicated group worked tirelessly in finding a site, planning, and building Annswell Court. In October 1985, our first residents moved in.

Organization information

The Board of Directors has fiduciary and management responsibility for the Annswell Court Foundation and for the Annswell Court property.

Our volunteer Board of Directors meets approximately 10 times a year to formulate direction and policy, as well as to discuss/review issues. Board members also spend countless hours volunteering on-site, often completing repairs and other projects.

An Annual General Meeting is held within the first few months of the year. At the Board’s discretion, tenants and previous Board members are invited. Due to COVID-19 response, these meetings have been held electronically since 2020. Annswell Court Foundation is registered as an official charity with the Canadian government.