Privacy Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your personal device (Tablet, PC, cellphone etc.) by your Internet Browser. Your browser ensures that no other website can obtain the data written by this site, nor can this site access cookies that belong to other websites. All cookies have expiration dates so that your browser can automatically delete expired cookie files.

Why do we need cookies?

There are two reasons that this site uses cookies: 1) security; and 2) a better user experience for you.

When you login to this site, your identity is authenticated using security credentials that you provide. Rather than requiring you to provide these credentials every time that you request a new page, we store a strongly-encrypted cookie on your browser that lets us know that you are you.

We also use cookies to personalize your browsing preferences for this site.

How we protect your personal data

TLS (Transport Level Security) encrypts all sensitive communications (such as personal data and passwords) to and from your browser. All data exchanged between our web servers and any external sites (for example, the email server used to verify your address) is also encrypted. Third parties cannot eavesdrop on those communications, nor can they decrypt the content by any known means. Note that the "https://" prefix identifies secure URLs.

How we protect your password

Your password is encrypted by a "one-way" mathematical function that produces an extremely large and unique number. We store that number in our database, but not the password. When you log in with that password, we run it through the one-way encryption function again - if it produces the stored number, we know it's your current password. Since there's no known way to reverse the encryption process, your password cannot be "hacked" from the stored number in our database.